Lowongan CPNS BAKAMLA 2021: Formasi Lengkap Lowongan CPNS Badan Keamanan Laut (BAKAMLA) 2021

Logo BAKAMLAThe Maritime Security Agency of the Republic Indonesia (Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia) is an agency in charge of conducting security and safety patrols in the territorial waters of Indonesia and in the Indonesian jurisdiction.
Bakamla is a non-ministerial government agency responsible to the President through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs. Previously, Bakamla was a non-structural organization called the Maritime Security Coordinating Board of the Republic Indonesia (abbreviated as Bakorkamla RI or Bakorkamla).

Lowongan CPNS Kementerian LHK 2021: Formasi Lengkap Lowongan CPNS Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan 2021

Logo Kementerian LHKDuring President Jokowi administration, the Ministry of Forestry was merged with the Ministry of Environment to become the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan). The Ministry of Environment and Forestry has the task of administering government affairs in the environmental and forestry sectors to assist the President in administering the state.

Kementerian PPN / BAPPENAS Jobs: Website Development and Maintenance Expert

Bappenas LogoMinistry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS (Kemenneg PPN) formerly named "Ministry of National Development Planning", is the ministry in charge of the Government of Indonesia is the national development planning matters.
Kemeneg PPN in performing their duties using organizational units of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). Minister PPN is also State Minister and the Head of Bappenas.

Lowongan CPNS BKKBN 2021: Formasi Lengkap CPNS BKKBN Tahun 2021

Logo BKKBNFamily planning organization started from the formation of the Family Planning Association on December 23, 1957 at the Indonesian Doctors Association building. The name of the association itself developed into the Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI) or the Indonesia Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). PKBI strives for the realization of prosperous families through 3 types of service efforts, namely regulating pregnancy or spacing pregnancies, treating infertility and providing marriage advice. In 1967, PKBI was recognized as a legal entity by the Ministry of Justice.

Bank Mandiri Jobs: Kriya Mandiri

Bank Mandiri LogoBank Mandiri as a friend of the nation represents a concept of services offered by the largest bank in Indonesia; with products and services in hand, the Bank is capable of inspiring, working and growing together as well as providing support to the whole society.
Adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, during the year 2015 Bank Mandiri did not only manage to carry out its business plan, make progress and record business growth, but it also made significant contributions to improving the welfare of the society. Bank Mandiri is committed to consistently be a friend of the nation by undertaking work in national development to achieve the future goal of bringing on a better Indonesia.

Pertamina Training and Consulting Jobs: 7 Positions

Logo PertaminaPertamina Training & Consulting LogoPT Pertamina Training & Consulting (PTC) is one of PT Pertamina (Persero) subsidiary, which focuses on human capital competence development, especially in the field of oil and gas through the best training and consultation as a business solution.
Supported by competent professionals and with local and international cooperation network, we are ready to assist in developing human resource potential and deliver your company's business solutions for optimum performance and results.