Bank BNI Jobs: Senior Relationship Manager | Relationship Manager Commercial Banking

Bank BNI JobsAs the first bank owned by the Government of Indonesia, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, established in 1946 began its history by serving as the central bank as stipulated in Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2/1946. In 1955, when the Indonesian government established Bank Indonesia as the Central Bank, BNI began operations as a commercial bank. Furthermore, the role of BNI as a bank that was mandated to improve the people’s economy and participate in national development was confirmed by Law No. 17 Year 1968 on Bank Negara Indonesia 1946.

Pos Logistik Indonesia Jobs: Account Manager

Pos Logistics LogoEconomic globalization and advances in technology have made the business competition becoming increasingly tight. Every business entity driven to constantly innovate to maintain its existence in the competition. Focus on core business activities to create competitive advantage has become a necessity. Utilization of resources should be directed to core business activities which provide optimal utility value for the company.
Observing logistics activity which is a very important supporting business activity for the creation of added value, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) as a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) which is one its competence in logistics field formed a subsidiary that focused in logistics field business, namely PT Pos Logistik Indonesia (Poslog).

Angkasa Pura Solusi Jobs: Aviation Security | Security (Gada Pratama) | Security (Gada Utama and Gada Madya)

Angkasa Pura Solusi LogoPT Angkasa Pura Solusi (APS) was established in 2012 as one of the subsidiaries of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) engaged in airport management consulting services at its inception. Since 2012, its business efforts have also increased, which began to be limited to Airport, IT and Saphire Consultations, to various other businesses, such as: ICT, Lounge, Advertising, Cargo Handling Services, Car-Park, Property Management, Training & Support, Security Aviation, and etc.. PT Angkasa Pura Solusi continues to grow and transform into a support company and passenger service provider. PT Angkasa Pura Solusi is headquartered at Terminal 2F Arrival of Soekarno Hatta Airport which manages airport facilities in 14 branches where Angkasa Pura II operates.

Bank CIMB Niaga Jobs: Technology Graduates Program

CIMB Niaga LogoPT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, hereinafter referred to as “CIMB Niaga” or “Bank,” was established on 26 September 1955. The Bank obtained a business license as a commercial bank on 11 November 1955, based on the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Decree. In 1987, CIMB Niaga made its mark in history as the first local bank that introduced baking services through Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in Indonesia. This achievement is widely regarded as Indonesia’s entry point into the modern banking world.
CIMB Niaga then became a public company by listing its registered shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly PT Bursa Efek Jakarta and PT Bursa Efek Surabaya) on 29 November 1989. The Bank’s leadership and innovation in applying the latest technology became increase well known in 1991 by becoming the first Bank to provide online banking services.

Bank BRI Jobs: BRILiaN Internship Program

Logo Bank BRIBank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia. Initially, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) was established in Purwokerto, Central Java by Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja under the name of De Poerwokertosche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Hoofden or "Help and Savings Bank of the Aristocrats in Purwokerto", a financial institution which served people of the Indonesian nationality (the natives). The institution was incorporated on December 16, 1895, which later becomes the anniversary of BRI.

Ministry of Cooperatives and SME Jobs: Modern Cooperative Assistance Staff 2024

Kemenkop UKMThe Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia is the ministry in the Indonesian Government which is in charge of cooperatives and small and medium enterprises. The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs is led by a Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Menkop dan UKM) who since 23 October 2019 has been held by Teten Masduki.
The duties and functions of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs have been stipulated in Presidential Regulation Number 24 of 2010 concerning the Position of State Ministries and the Organizational Structure, Duties and Functions of Echelon I of State Ministries articles 552, 553 and 554, namely: The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises has the duties organize affairs in the field of cooperatives and small and medium enterprises in government to assist the President in administering state government.