Bank Mandiri Taspen Jobs: Customer Service | Teller | Security | Office Boy

Bank Mandiri Taspen JobsThe change of Bank Sinar Harapan Bali name to be Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos (Bank Mantap) is not just a name change, but affirming our service commitment to the public and our stakeholders as well as to all Indonesian people. The name change also followed by a renewed commitment to improve performance and provide meaningful benefits to all Bank Mantap stakeholders.

Lowongan CPNS BASARNAS 2021: Formasi Lowongan CPNS Badan Nasional Pencarian dan Pertolongan (BASARNAS) Tahun 2021

Logo BASARNASThe National Search and Rescue Agency (Indonesian: Badan Nasional Pencarian dan Pertolongan, literally translated Search and Rescue National Agency; formerly named Badan SAR Nasional, both abbreviated Basarnas) is a government agency of Indonesia. Its head office is in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Jakarta.
According to presidential decree No. 99/2007 regarding National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia, Basarnas primary to task are to assist president in implementation of search and rescue activity in Indonesia.

Bank Mandiri Jobs: Admin Collection

Bank Mandiri LogoBank Mandiri as a friend of the nation represents a concept of services offered by the largest bank in Indonesia; with products and services in hand, the Bank is capable of inspiring, working and growing together as well as providing support to the whole society.
Adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, during the year 2015 Bank Mandiri did not only manage to carry out its business plan, make progress and record business growth, but it also made significant contributions to improving the welfare of the society. Bank Mandiri is committed to consistently be a friend of the nation by undertaking work in national development to achieve the future goal of bringing on a better Indonesia.

Bank BRI Jobs: Frontliner

Logo BUMNBank BRI LogoBank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia. Initially, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) was established in Purwokerto, Central Java by Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja under the name of De Poerwokertosche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Hoofden or "Help and Savings Bank of the Aristocrats in Purwokerto", a financial institution which served people of the Indonesian nationality (the natives). The institution was incorporated on December 16, 1895, which later becomes the anniversary of BRI.

Lowongan CPNS Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia 2021: Formasi CPNS Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia Tahun 2021

Logo Kejaksaan RIThe Attorney's Office of the Republic Indonesia is a state institution that exercises state power, especially in the field of prosecution. As the body authorized in law enforcement and justice, the Attorney Office is led by an Attorney General who is elected by and responsible to the President. The Attorney General's Office, the High Attorney Office, and the State Attorney Office are the powers of the state, especially in the field of prosecution, where all constitute one unified and inseparable unit.

BMW Astra Jobs: Administration Officer | Admin Service

BMW Astra LogoBMW Astra, under management of BMW Sales Operation (BSO), is one of the BMW dealers that provide support to PT BMW Indonesia, as the sole distributor, for marketing and sales of cars as well as aftersales services in Indonesia.
As guarantee for comfort and convenience for car ownership and maintenance, there are available value-added and comprehensive service privileges for all BMW car owners in Indonesia. The range of quality services include after-sales service package for maintenance, warranty claims, home service, overhaul and body repair, as well as providing spare parts, accessories and merchandise, also equipped with 24- hour emergency roadside assistance in cooperation with AstraWorld.