Astra Daihatsu Motor Jobs: 25 Positions

Astra Daihatsu Motor JobsDaihatsu Group continuously build itself to be "A Worldwide Loved Global Brand" company that has self-confidence and pride, through the production of innovative and leading car in every era. The new slogan "Innovation for Tomorrow" became the company's commitment to always create innovation by producing high quality products that can provide benefits to society and the environment.
PT Astra Daihatsu Motor is Daihatsu licensee agent in Indonesia and Daihatsu / Toyota vehicle manufacturer, and its components as well as the related businesses.
PT Astra Daihatsu Motor always prioritizes innovation and technology in each product. To achieve the objective, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor provide a good working environment and support the employee to work comfortably as a team and grow together with the company. Long-term cooperation and work safety is an important factors for developing mutual trust. Human resource development through employees regular training programs continously conducted to improve the employees skill.
PT Astra Daihatsu Motor the biggest Car Manufacturer in Indonesia curretly searching for highly motivated and qualified staff to be positioned as:

Junior Staff (Diploma 3, Fresh Graduate / Experienced)

  • Accounting and Control Junior Staff
    • Accounting, Tax, Economics (D3)
  • Business Operation Junior Staff
    • Accounting, Informatics Engineering (D3)
  • Purchasing Junior Staff
    • Mechanical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Computer Engineering (D3)
  • Service Parts Junior Staff
    • Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering (D3)
  • Test and Validation Junior Staff
    • Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering (D3) 
  • Plant Administration Junior Staf
    • Electrical Engineering (D3)
  • General Affairs Junior Staff
    • Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Informatics Engineering, EHS, Design, Social and Politics, Law, Communications (D3)
  • Human Resources Junior Staff
    • Any Major, Nursery, Hotel Management, Industrial Engineering (D3)
  • Industrial Design Junior Staff
    • Mechanical Engineering, Visual Communication Design (D3)
  • Product Engineering Junior Staff
    • Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Manufacture Engineering, Admin. (D3)

Supervisor (Diploma 4, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Fresh Graduate / Experienced)

  • Accounting and Control Supervisor
    • Accounting, Tax, Engineering (S1)
  • Body / Press Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering (S1)
  • Corporate Information Technology Supervisor
    • Information System, lnformatic Engineering, Computer Science (S1)
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management Supervisor
    • Economics, Accounting, Industrial Engineering (S1)
  • Finance Supervisor
    • Economics, Finance (S1)
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (S1)
  • Engine Supervisor
    • Electrical Engineering (S1)
  • Assembly Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (S1)
  • General Affairs Supervisor
    • Industrial Engineering, Architechture, Enviromental Engineering (S1)
  • Human Resources Supervisor
    • Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Law (S1)
  • Industrial Design Supervisor
    • Product Design (S1)
  • Technical Services Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering (S1)
  • Production (Welding, Painting, Assembly) Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering (S1)
  • Production Enggineering Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical Engineering (S1) 
  • Quality Supervisor
    • Mechanical Engineering (S1)
Open the link below to apply. Registration opened until mid of November, 2018.
Psychological test wiil be held on November 17, 2018 at Head Office PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor, Sunter, Jakarta.
The announcement of next process wii be published at Twitter: @admcareers; Instagram: @admcareers; website:
Recruitment process is free of charge. Beware of recruitment scam.