Bank Mandiri Jobs: Banking Staff

Bank Mandiri LogoBank Mandiri as a friend of the nation represents a concept of services offered by the largest bank in Indonesia; with products and services in hand, the Bank is capable of inspiring, working and growing together as well as providing support to the whole society.
Adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, during the year 2015 Bank Mandiri did not only manage to carry out its business plan, make progress and record business growth, but it also made significant contributions to improving the welfare of the society. Bank Mandiri is committed to consistently be a friend of the nation by undertaking work in national development to achieve the future goal of bringing on a better Indonesia.
It is our aspiration to be able to give the best to all the stakeholders through economic prosperity, social welfare and nature conservation so that we can continue to contribute to achieving a sustainable Indonesia.
The key to our success is our people & culture through innovation and teamwork. At Mandiri we have the prosperous spirit through innovation & teamwork.
We are a bank with dream & strive to be the pride of Indonesia. Lead as the best bank in ASEAN region by 2020. Thus we are looking for the best people with the strive to be the best and those people might be you.
We're sure that your presence in Bank Mandiri will give you an interesting chance to develop your career aspiration as a professional banker in Indonesia and being a part of the most admired and progressive financial institution. Officer Development Program (ODP) - General 2019
We Are Looking for:

Banking Staff

Job Description

As a leading bank in Indonesia with aspirations to be the best bank in ASEAN by 2020, we invite highly talented and driven individuals across a wide area of expertise to fill in key positions in the bank. Challenge your abilities and further develop your skills at Mandiri, be a part of the journey to be the best bank in ASEAN by 2020 and get involved in prospering the nation

Key Job Responsibilities will include:

  • Day-to-day office management
  • Maintain administrative tasks such as filing and processing documents
  • Perform ad-hoc administrative support functions / office management tasks
  • Perform data management to support business unit operations

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum Diploma Degree-3 (D3) with minimum of 2.75 from relevant fields of studies
  • Maximum age:
  • 24 years old for fresh graduates and
  • 26 years old for with 2 years relevant experience
  • Remain unmarried for fresh graduates
  • Presentable and good communication skill

Required Skills

  • Clerical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Microsoft / MS Office


  • Head Office Jakarta - South Jakarta: 150 openings
  • Region 2 / Sumatera 2 - Palembang: 30 openings
  • Region 3 / Jakarta 1 - West Jakarta: 30 openings
  • Region 4 / Jakarta 2 - Central Jakarta: 30 openings
  • Region 5 / Jakarta 3 - South Jakarta: 30 openings
  • Region 6 / Jawa 1 - Bandung: 30 openings
  • Region 7 / Jawa 2 - Semarang: 30 openings
  • Region 8 / Jawa 3 - Surabaya: 30 openings
  • Region 9 / Kalimantan - Banjarmasin: 30 openings
  • Region 10 / Sulawesi & Maluku - Makassar: 30 openings
  • Region 11 / Bali & Nusa Tenggara - Denpasar: 30 openings
  • Region 12 / Papua - Jayapura: 30 openings
Those who are interested please apply to link below no later than May 31, 2019.
Recruitment process is free of charge. Beware of recruitment scam.