Telkom Indonesia Jobs: Great People Trainee Program Batch IX

Telkom Indonesia LogoTelkom Group is the only state-owned telecommunications enterprise as well as telecommunications and network service providers in Indonesia. Telkom Group serves millions of customers throughout Indonesia with a complete range of telecommunications services that includes fixed wireline and fixed wireless connections, mobile communications, networking and interconnection services and Internet and data communication services. Telkom Group also provides various services in the field of information, media and edutainment, including cloud-based and server-based managed services, e-Payment services and IT enabler, e-Commerce and other portal services.
We have a dream of realizing a Digital Society, and we are fully aware that the key to realizing a digital society is the development of infrastructure in order to provide highquality connectivity service. Telkom is building infrastructure comprehensively, which includes three components, namely id-Access, id-Ring and id-Con, also known as Indonesia Digital Network (“IDN”).
Telkom Group invites the best talents of the nation to join the Great People Trainee Program according to their interest, expertise and competency to meet global demand. Opportunity to join are widely open for creative talents who are eager to gain experience and are ready to strengthen our super team.

Great People Trainee Program Batch IX Period of November 2018

Field of Work


  • Manage telecommunication system and telecommunication network including transport network, service node, core network, metro network, fixed access network, mobile access network, CPE & NTE, energy and support facility

Strategic Planning

  • Analyze digital market overview, develop strategy by identifying market trend, and formulate a Strategy Portfolio (portfolio planning and evaluation)

Social Community Development

  • Manage Small Medium Enterprise (SME) development, developing community potential and capability by utilizing resources in surrounding environment, and dealing with the adverse effect of disaster


  • Plan and use the sales plan through a strategy that fits the dynamic market, and can set up an account plan as a guide to account management activity

Risk Management

  • Carry out the general function of risk and compliance management, covering the management of financial risks, operational risk, strategic risk, and business process management

Relationship Management

  • Build relationship between customer and the company through multi touch points (customer smart care) to promote product, increase revenue, sales and customer satisfaction, and able to develop strategy and use the channel that are in line with the product and customer character

Regulatory Management and Government

  • Carry out regulatory management functions as well as prepare the company's relevant strategy in the prevailing regulatory trend. This includes activities to foster good relations with the executive and the legislative

Legal and Compliance

  • Carry out risk and compliance management general function, specifically the legal function of the company which cover legal contract activity, legal settlement, legal and compliance, and advisory function related to company compliance with applicable policy and regulation

Information Technology

  • Define IT strategy, manage information database, prepare digital product solution, and cover all IT organization aspects through research and innovation, with a vision of how the organization's demand for information and system that will be met by technology, including hardware, software, telecommunication and service such as IT operation, system, development and user support

Human Capital

  • Carry out the company's human capital management functions, starting from talent management, training and human capital development management, human capital strategy and policy management, reward and benefit management, and HR service operation

General Affairs

  • Carry out support function related to office administration and company's document managing


  • Analyze and manage funding combination, compile a work plan for the company's budget, understand accounting information system, tax regulation, and manage cost and profitability analysis, treasury, billing, collection, revenue assurance, and financial report

Digital Product and Service

  • Develop digital initiative strategy, select innovative method and design in digital trend, including digital ecosystem engagement, product and ecosystem design, digital media and content design, digital architecture, digital delivery, data analysis and business intelligence, digital business and product operation and digital marketing

Business Affectiveness

  • Identify design / model for business process needs, analyze and determine business performance assessment, design and develop Standard Quality System Management, and formulate strategy and policy in managing Good Corporate Governance


  • Indonesian citizen
  • Has completed the study period by attaching:
  • Diploma or Graduation Certificate (SKL)
  • Maximum 24 years old for Diploma 4 graduate or Bachelor degree, and maximum 27 years old for Master degree (by November 1, 2018)
  • Minimum TOEFL score = 500, IBT = 61, IELTS = 6
  • Willing to be placed throughout the work area of ​​PT Telkom
  • Willing to undergo an employment bond
Interested candidates are invited to apply at link below no later than November 20, 2018.
Only applicants who meet the qualifications above will be processed.