BCA Syariah Jobs: Internal Audit

BCA Syariah LogoThe development of Islamic banking is growing quite rapidly in recent years show public interest increasing on Islamic economics. To meet customers' needs for sharia services, PT Bank Syariah BCA operates in order to realize the vision and mission of BCA Syariah, funding a variety of products, services and financing have been developed and marketed to the public. For business development that will support the future expansion of PT Bank BCA Syariah, we open career opportunity for young and potential professionals to develop themselves and build their career with us.

Internal Audit - Jakarta


  • Conduct audit both in general and specific on deviation / fraud indication.
  • Conduct specific audit on customer or other third parties complaint.
  • Assist to conduct other specific audit on the President Director and Audit Committee request.
  • Assist in prepare audit result report both general or specific audit and regularly monitor the follow-up resolution.
  • Report to the work unit related to the monitoring result of the audit finding follow-up which have not been completed or which still having problem in the field.
  • Make a chronology summary of case and finding that will be used as data in audit report to management or other authority parties.
  • Assist to coordinate and follow up data and information request related to audit report both internal and external parties (BI, External Audit, Audit Committee, DPS, etc.).
  • Clarify to the related parties which involved in inspection and audit investigation process.
  • Assist to provide basic recommendation for decision making by management in handling, resolving and taking corrective action in accordance with applicable regulation.


  • Maximum 35 years old.
  • Male / female.
  • Possess Bachelor degree in any major preferably majoring in Economics / Accounting.
  • Have minimum 3 years working experience as operational or credit auditor in banking.
  • Preferably have working experience in sharia banking / financial institution.
  • Mastering operating standard and audit procedure and understand bank internal policy and procedure.
  • Understand bank financial report.
  • Have knowledge of external regulation related to banking and sharia banking.
  • Able to think conceptually, logically, critically and analytically.
  • Highly motivated, have good initiative and able to work in a team.
  • Have high integrity.
  • Have ability to establish good interpersonal relationship and have good communication skill
  • Ability to work quickly with tight deadline.
  • Willing to work out of town.
  • Mastery in Microsoft Office.
  • Closing date: January 27, 2017
For those who are interested to join our team, please send your complete application to:
  • Human Capital BCA Syariah
  • Jl. Jatinegara Timur No. 72
  • Jakarta Timur - 13310