Lion Air Jobs: Lion Air, Batik Air, and Wings Air Initial Flight Attendent

Lion Air JobsAs one of the leading private carriers in Indonesia, we’re always on the look out for highly motivated and service oriented people who are ready to make their mark on our operations. All our people share our passion, energy, drive and commitment to exceed our customers expectations. The Lion Air promise is to put the customer and their experience of travelling with us on the forefront of everything we do.
Friendly and yet always professional, ours is a unique business to work in. So long as you’re prepared to have a great time delivering excellent service, we’d love to hear from you.

Lion Air, Batik Air, and Wings Air Initial Pramugari

Perusahaan Pengelola Aset Jobs: Officer

PT PPA LogoPT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero), known as PPA, is a shareholder company established on February 24th 2004 under The Government Regulation No. 10/2004 with the aim of implementing the management of ex-Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency’s (IBRA) assets that do not have any legal issues.
After four years of establishment, by The Government Regulation No. 61/2008 on September 4th 2008, The Government expanded the scope of the new tasks that include: ex-IBRA asset management; SOE R/R; investment activities; as well as State-Owned Enterprises asset management activities.

Ernst & Young Jobs: Analytics Consultant

Ernst and Young Indonesia JobsAs markets rapidly change and develop, finance functions must demonstrate real added value to their business. As a finance advisor, you’ll use your experience and knowledge to help deliver greater insight – delivering functional efficiencies as well as transforming the role of finance in our clients’ businesses. You’ll be developing innovative, sustainable ways to improve the management of people, processes and systems, working alongside other finance professionals in high-performing teams.

Surveyor Indonesia Jakarta Branch Jobs: General Inspector NDT | Management Representative | Marketing Officer

Surveyor Indonesia JobsPT Surveyor Indonesia (Persero) was established on August 1, 1991 with a mission to assist the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in facilitating the flow of capital goods and equipment to Indonesia from around the world through the pre-shipment inspection services of international standards. Since April 1997, we formulated the mission as a surveyor service company in a broader sense.

LMAN Kementerian Keuangan Jobs: General Administrator | Data Presenter | General Functional

Lowongan Kementerian Keuangan (KEMENKEU)In Indonesia, the history of financial manager has existed since ages ago. From the era of kingdom until the time being, Indonesia has had financial manager to be able to conduct the economic development in its governance. Government financial management covers all assets owned by Governments. The fund itself came from the society in the form of tribute, taxes, customs and excise, and others.

Citilink Indonesia Jobs: Business Planning Officer

Citilink LogoCitilink provides a low-cost airline services to a variety of interesting destinations in Indonesia. We are a dynamic concept of Garuda Indonesia Airways.On July 5, 2012 Citilink established the acceptance of Air Operation Certificate (AOC) from the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia. This certificate marks a new era of changes in the Citilink management which previously has been under the management of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk., to be dynamic and self-management.