Indosat Jobs: 10 Positions

Indosat LogoMore than 40 years ago, Indosat was established as an integrated Indonesian telecommunications network and service provider. Together with its subsidiaries PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2) and PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta, Indosat provides fixed data or Multimedia, Intranet & Data Communication services such as IPVPN, leased line and internet services.

Trans7 Jobs: 28 Positions

Trans7 LogoTRANS7 with a commitment to serving the information and entertainment shows, graced the screen in the living room of Indonesia viewers. Starting from the strategic cooperation between the Para Group and the Kompas Gramedia Group (KKG) on August 4, 2006, TRANS7 born as a private station that presents impressions that promotes intelligence, sharpness, warmth and full of entertainment and active personality.

Rekayasa Industri Jobs: Insurance Staff

Rekayasa Industri LogoREKIND is an Indonesian integrated EPC company with an excellent track record in technology and innovation that provides comprehensive and effective solutions, including project investment services in new and renewable energy sector.
REKIND always works professionally and consistently where both of them are the synergy in making good corporate governance in every business process.

Len Railway Systems Jobs: Engineer

Len Railway SystemsPT Len Railway Systems (LRS) is a subsidiary of PT Len Industri located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. PT LRS engaged in Railway Signalling System, Traction System, Substation System, and Telecommunication System. Supported by experts who are experienced in their field and possess internationally certified (IRSE license).

Krakatau Osaka Steel Jobs: Accounting Staff

Krakatau Osaka Steel LogoContributing to the formation of a recycling-oriented society through steel recycling.
Steel has supported the foundation of civilization from its earliest days. As an electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaker, Osaka Steel contributes significantly to the creation of a recycling-oriented society by recycling a limited natural resource.

PT PELNI Jobs: 8 Positions

Pelni LogoPT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia, or known as PT PELNI (Persero) was established on April 28, 1952. Presently, PT PELNI (Persero) operates 28 commercial ship fleets classified based on capacity such as: 3,000 passenger type ships, 2,000 passenger type ships, 1,000 passenger type ships, 500 passenger type ships and Ro-Ro (Roll on – Roll off) type ships and 1 unit speed ferry with total capacity of 36,913 passengers. Moreover, PT PELNI (Persero) also operates 4 unit logistic ships with total deadweight of 1,200 tons.


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